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MIS Systems Thread, Installing fresh Solus3 in Technical; Dear all, Apologies to have another one of these threads, this one is regarding Solus3 though. I am hoping to ...
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    Installing fresh Solus3

    Dear all,

    Apologies to have another one of these threads, this one is regarding Solus3 though.

    I am hoping to migrate SIMS and FMS over to a new server in the coming month or so, however, Solus3 was originally installed rather badly I believe and every time we go to do updates, it just crashes out.
    My question is do you think that I would be better off doing a completely clean install of Solus3 and is it as straight forward as the SIMS/FMS setup?

    Many thanks,


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    If you uninstall the existing agents from client PC's then yes - fresh install of S3.

    You'll lose your history of previously applied updates and your first real SIMS / FMS / Discover upgrades via SOLUS 3 will take longer as it will want to make sure all previous updates have been applied.

    Personally I've had a few painful SOLUS 3 moves and I don't feel the process is that well documented from Capita (yet) ...hint hint @PhilNeal

    I have to stress this is my personal experience and may not reflect what others have experienced to date... ...I know others have had less pain than me moving it so maybe I'm doing something a little wrong @Rawns posted a good answer on a previous thread a couple of days ago:

    Moving SIMS to new server
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