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MIS Systems Thread, Migrating SLG (Sims Learning Gateway) in Technical; Looking at moving all our SLG to a new windows 2012 / Sharepoint 2010 but need to migrate all the ...
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    Migrating SLG (Sims Learning Gateway)

    Looking at moving all our SLG to a new windows 2012 / Sharepoint 2010 but need to migrate all the data, has anyone done this? We have contacted Capita and they have said only ONE person knows how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

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    @TheScarfedOne is maybe able to assist as he is a SIMS lover and a SharePoint one at the same time....

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    I would hold fire on such a complex thing as sharepoint, because SLG on Sharepoint 2010 won't be supported on Windows 2012 until Autumn 2013 release according to the technical roadmap (at least the graph, the text part says it's summer 13), and not on SQL 2012 until summer 13 either. By autumn 2013, SLG should be supported on Sharepoint 2013, and you might as well make the move to that for future proofing.

    Until they've moved to supporting those systems i can't see them being able to help you migrate, let alone support you once you have migrated.

    The roadmap is confusing though.

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