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MIS Systems Thread, Permissions for FMS in Technical; COuld anyone tell me what permissions i need in place so that FMS will run? I have gone through the ...
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    Permissions for FMS

    COuld anyone tell me what permissions i need in place so that FMS will run? I have gone through the normal stuff and also the PDOXUSRS file and FMS will run but will not open the suppliers list?

    Any ideas?

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    You need permission to the root of the c drive or you can set up a folder on a shared drive and have the pdoxusrfile in there in idapi setting change so that it points to shared folder its in the fms manual

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    I would also throw in C:\IDAPI , C:\program files\sims if it's not already there, and sub folders to include 'sims .net' and 'fmssql', c:\temp, c:\windows\temp and somewhere else where there is a dll which needs updating during upgrades, else the user won't be able to upgrade, but not sure where it is, i guess system32 is a good place to try.

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    There is a KB that says it should be in the network drive, it's wrong. It was written back in the days of SQL Anywhere. I hope Capita have removed it. The reason being is cause random errors if you have a team of FMS users that heavy use FMS - not sure if it's because they try to lock the same file or if what they are writing to the file conflicts with the information in the file - I just know it was an arse to find and I was glad to resolve it.
    If you run FMSINST it will set it to c:\ProgramData\FMS - if you don't have FMSINST.exe or it's an old version, contact Capita on 01234 832020 and ask for the latest one to be send to you - failing that ask for the last FMS installable media then copy it off that.

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