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MIS Systems Thread, Server setup for SIMS in Technical; Hi, I'm just doing some of the prep work for setting up our new Hyper-V host on which we will ...
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    Server setup for SIMS


    I'm just doing some of the prep work for setting up our new Hyper-V host on which we will be hosting SIMS. Currently our LEA who setup and support our SIMS insist on a two server model. A front end (the S drive) and the database itself on another server. What is the recommended setup? and what do others do? because I don't want to setup another virtual server unless I have to.


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    Doesn't necessarily need two servers IME, but two separate disks can help - say if you have the database on a physically separate disc or array (or SAN/spindles) to the software.

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    The S drive isn't really what you'd call front end. We're not talking about a webserver, it's fairly static mostly read only data. It just needs to be shared and accessible to the users.
    Typical setups, have the SQL db on the default local C drive and then the S drive share, is on another disk e.g. D: drive.
    The front end is really the desktop client.

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