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MIS Systems Thread, Interesting notice on SupportNet regarding DfE regs on School Year in Technical; ...
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    Interesting notice on SupportNet regarding DfE regs on School Year

    DfE Regulations Regarding the School YearPlease note the following extract from The Education (School Day and School Year) (England) Regulations 1999 (The Education (School Day and School Year) (England) Regulations 1999).

    “school year” means the period beginning with the first school term to begin after July and ending with the beginning of the first such term to begin after the following July.

    DfE schools that start their school year before the end of July should consider whether they are operating within these regulations and schools that end their school year after the end of July should consider the problems this can create for DfE data collections.
    Anyone do this? Or get into trouble because of it?

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    Are they basically saying don't run a Year End process in June when the Exam Leave starts to start a new timetable to prevent wasted teaching time and give a few extra weeks time for GCSE teaching?

    Our school is proposing starting a new TT in June/July rather than September to give a few more weeks time to the options as we do a stage not age curriculum you do a GCSE option in a year and thus after you have sat the exam you have weeks of time to do nothing basically as you have sat say GCSE Cooking so you have nothing else to do for that course as the exams sat and coursework submitted. I wouldn't propose incremeting the students up a year however just replacing the timetable and re-timetabling those students that remain with us the rest could loose a timetable I would say?

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    Be interesting to see how come Academies get on with this who can and do have very different requirements and structures...

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