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MIS Systems Thread, Install/apply a patch in Technical; Hi all, I need to install the "VLE IMS web service patch #8318" to SIMS as we're in the process ...
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    Install/apply a patch

    Hi all,

    I need to install the "VLE IMS web service patch #8318" to SIMS as we're in the process of implementing Fronter and they wanted SIMS integration, however I've never had to touch the more admin/maintenance parts of SIMS.

    If anybody could point me in the right direction as to how I apply this patch I'd greatly appreciate it, at a bit of a loss here - all I've been given is 3 files and I've got no clue with what to do with 'em!
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    In short.

    On the server.

    Start > All Programs > SIMS > dbupgrade

    Browse to the location where the patch is found, enter your server details, enter username and password.

    It will then backup your SIMS and install the patch.

    I would 100% recommend you have everybody out of SIMS before you even attempt it.

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    Or if it's been released to you via SOLUS2, just run "Upgrade and Run SOLUS" from Start | All Programs | SIMS Applications. Put in the SIMS login details and away you go. Obviously ensure everyone is out of SIMS though just in case!!!

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