Just had a call from a school who have been fully SOLUS3 since the SIMS Spring upgrade. When they add new devices to the SIMS Workstation channel in SOLUS3, the SIMS Spring client gets installed automatically on these devices instead of the SIMS Autumn client!

When SOLUS3 was installed initially, the school were already on the SIMS Spring release. In SOLUS3, only the server was added at first. The SIMS Spring upgrade was then rolled out to the server. As it was already running the Spring release, everything "installed" and the result was a "successful" upgrade which would ensure that new workstations added to the SIMS channel from then on would automatically get the SIMS client installed. Since then, the environment has been populated with all of the schools SIMS workstations, over 150 devices. The SIMS Summer and SIMS Autumn upgrades have since been rolled out and as you would expect, some devices were offline resulting in only a "partially successful" deployment. Even though the SIMS Autumn deployment was "partially successful", all the server elements upgraded successfully so I would assume that new clients added to the SIMS Workstations channel would get the SIMS Autumn client automatically. This appears to not be the case.

It seems new clients will get the version of SIMS from the last fully "successful" upgrade (in this case, SIMS Spring) rather then the latest version of SIMS that's been released to schools (SIMS Autumn). It results in us having to manually deploy the latest version of SIMS to these outdated workstations. Not a lot of use when adding new machins to the SIMS Channel ans you have to wait for the SIMS Spring client to automatically install before then manually redeploying the SIMS Autumn upgrade to get the clients up to date!