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MIS Systems Thread, converting UMS to grades in Assessment Manager? in Technical; Here I go again with another question about SIMS (although so far I have never had any replies to any ...
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    converting UMS to grades in Assessment Manager?

    Here I go again with another question about SIMS (although so far I have never had any replies to any of my questions - anyone out there know about SIMS?).

    Our school, for reasons best known to the ex head of sixth form, does not agregate any GCE AS results into grades. Hence SIMS can do little with them. Is there a simple way to get AM or PM to add up the UMS marks and work out the equivalent grade without me exporting all the results and doing it myself in Excel?

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    Re: converting UMS to grades in Assessment Manager?

    It all depends on how the base data went in. We have ours set to use grades.

    It is also possible to set up marksheets to calculate all this for you using formula. The the problem is that you still have to work out what the UMS boundaries are for each subject so it is not saving that much time apart form having the data still stored centrally.

    Have you asked on the SIMS support forum? For doing bizarre things to get it installed and performing well then this place is a good site to ask but for the actual applications themselves (PM / AM / Personnel / etc) then the Capita forums often work out better.

    I'll ask our Exams Officer when she is back in next week anyway.

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    Re: converting UMS to grades in Assessment Manager?

    Iceman, I'd support GrumbleDook in recommending that you ask this type of question on SupportNet as it has some very dedicated SIMS experts who understand the applications and are very frequently on-line. Below though is a response to your question from our exams expert - I hope it helps.

    The calculation of 5+ A*-C is no longer confined to GCSE, but also has to take into account equivalences in GNVQ, DiDA, BTEC, Key Skills, Functional Skills and other qualification frameworks.. It is for this reason, and to cater for the cumulative aspect of the Performance Tables, that the dedicated PI calculation is provided, with its Summary and Detailed reports, and, as of this year, the ability to export the raw data, to allow the identification of what has been counted and discounted, and therefore what needs to be added to take account of additional qualifications for which, so far, no basedata is issued.

    The Subject/Grade Analysis does not help with this process at all, because it doesn't tell you who the candidates with A* in any subject are, or what else they achieved. The Certification Broadsheet, in Points mode, does give the discrimination required, both in terms of the individual points, and the summary records at the foot of the report.

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