Had a call from a school, the Discover client is out of date and has not upgraded. Checked SOLUS3 and it's online and the version of Discover it shows means it is indeed out of date. Pushing out the Discover Autumn release manually to this device results in a failed install with a "one or more errors occurred" message. I checked out the agent log in SOLUS3 and it's the classic (and totally useless) error code "1603". So I went down the manual route of upgrading and it failed because Windows Installer 4.5 was not installed and the user did not have sufficient permissions to install it. After logging her off and logging on as an admin, ran the installer again to reinstall it. I'm not sure how it's even missing as Discover and SOLUS3 has been on this device for a while and restrictive permissions arrear to be in place preventing users from uninstalling software.

My annoyance is I though SOLUS3 was meant to take things like this into account and install software/prerequisite using the local SYSTEM account which has full access? And secondly why are the log files in SOLUS3 so sodding useless? Surely it could handle errors better and show it failed because Windows Installer 4.5 was missing!