Just waiting for suport to get back to me but thought I woudl ask on here also.

We are attempting to use profiles for the first time, teachers are inputting data into the profiels fine but we have gone to preview and all of a sudden its nto working at all. We spend ages doing the templates but they will not run... I even made copies of the profiles and they don't work either. Other templates do when I select them. When i try and run this report word doesn't even open up... it says its doing the tags then just closes.. no word.

Anyone else seen this? We don't have time to recreate the templates as we are about to put them in review mode to get them checked.

The only thing we did last week was be generated the reports which is what it said in the manual. Does generate lock out the template?

not liking profiles at all, theres about 10 templates we sued for testing attached to multiple sessions which we can't delete.