Well my battle to install Solus3 has now hit a fatal error!

I've installed the database, service and UI and registered it ok. But when then view the Solus3 tab the database name/instance are missing, and these are supposed to be automatically populated by the install. When I manually enter the details I get a full screen error of which the only sensible thing I can extract is the error 'SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified'

Now I've setup SQL server before, and made sure 1433/1434 TCP/UDP can be reached throught the firewall. I've also added rules for all parts of SQL Server 2008 and even disabled the firewall entirely but I still get the error. I've made sure that Named Pipes and TCP/IP are enabled in the configuration.

The odd thing is, I also have Backup Exec on here which uses its own installaton of SQL Express 2005 - if I use SQL Management Studio on a remote PC and 'Browse network' for SQL Servers I can see the BE Database but not the main SQL Server which would suggest there is a problem. But if I manually enter the SQL Server instance then the Management Studio will connect straight away!

So I'm now 100% baffled - obviously Solus3 seems to have an issue connecting - but I can find a reason why!