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MIS Systems Thread, Rolling SIMs over from one year to the next in Technical; I have joined a school that uses sims, and it appears that at the end of each academic year they ...
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    Rolling SIMs over from one year to the next

    I have joined a school that uses sims, and it appears that at the end of each academic year they have to strip all the data/marksheets, and re input them for the next academic year. Is there no way of rolling this data over in Sims. The guy who looks after it informs me that the problem is the date stamp that sims produces with each marksheet.

    Any helpers out there?

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    Can you give me any more information, is this to do with result sets, or the actual date of the results, as there are many ways of using assessment manager (I remember the 2 day course so well) but I do this for my school, and we do not have to manually do this.

    Please dont post any confidential info, If better PM me :-)

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    Here's a link to a thread that discusses the structure, and in one of my posts there i've put some links to other threads that may be of use too. Aspects - assessment Manager

    You shouldn't need to do much rolling over, if, you have things set up correctly.

    I think you're describing the process of reallocating marksheets. This is actually the one thing that does need to be done. Any marksheet template linked to a class, will need new classes adding each year, as if the timetable changes, the class name could change, and the link in SIMS definitely will. The only exception to this is when you assign to fixed groups such as reg groups, year groups etc. The name of the supervisor and date will remain as old, but the marksheet will pull in fresh data.

    For class groups, the marksheet will have 11/12 or 12/13 appended to the group name. Aside from that you shouldn't need to 'strip' any data. You just delete the old marksheet links in the template and add new ones.

    If you're data is stored in an aspect linked to a result set, then it should be fixed and easily accessed, and as kids progress through the years, they'll move through the list of pre-created marksheets.

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