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MIS Systems Thread, Backing Up SIMS to remote location? in Technical; Firstly, very sorry if this is not the right area to post this in, sat here for 10 minutes trying ...
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    Backing Up SIMS to remote location?

    Firstly, very sorry if this is not the right area to post this in, sat here for 10 minutes trying to work out where to post this!

    Basically, we've heard mutterings that we are suppose to be backing up our SIMS data to a remote offsite location more than 3 and a half miles away so that the data can be accessed if the school has to relocate for some reason.

    Can anyone confirm or deny this?
    again apologies if this is the wrong area to post this.

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    This sounds like a policy rather than a statutory directive. You'll need to pin down the source of these mutterings and press them. Hard.

    Nevertheless, it makes good sense to keep off-site backups.
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    Yes - to be honest how big is your Sims database?

    How big is your simsroot and docstorage folder? for £13 +Serverpass or £4.99 a month you could upload a copy of it to MozyPro (held in Ireland so ok).

    You are then completely covered in terms of the remote backups and restore is easy

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    Doesn't your normal SIMS backup get put onto tape as part of the main school backups? if you have this sort of backup anyway, we used to have a policy of taking the tapes off-site. This should fit with your policy if you live the required distance away from school.
    Yes it does mean that you need to rebuild with a tape drive, but if you had to relocate the school, you'd most likely be buying a whole new server rack with the insurance money anyway. It might just mean that you lose a couple of days worth of data, as you're only taking the weekly full backups home.
    Not ideal but just an idea as you may already be doing this.
    Otherwise, any number of file transfer tools can get you a copy available elsewhere.

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