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MIS Systems Thread, How to explain "What is SLG?" in Technical; Hi there, I was wondering if any one has any examples of a "What is SLG" type letter they have ...
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    How to explain "What is SLG?"

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if any one has any examples of a "What is SLG" type letter they have sent to parents?

    We are rolling it out and whilst I can explain it technically I need to tone it down a bit without making the letter to parent massively long winded. Something I am not great at.

    I was hoping someone might we willing to share a parents "welcome to SLG"...

    I'm also curious how much info you included as I want thinking on the way in that there will be issues like password re-set and so on.


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    "Dear Parents,

    Welcome to SLG! An overpriced, slow parent gateway that uses a thing called "sharepoint" which you will no doubt find impossible to navigate around."

    In all seriousness I would give up with use TASC insight. It will be a lot easier for parents to use and you don't even need to send them an intoduction letter. Its all done over email and very good with its initial setup.

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    SLG is the SIMS Learning Gateway, which provides you with secure access (via the internet) to SIMS, our School Information Management System.
    Most of the information we hold about your child(ren) is stored in SIMS, ranging from Address, Attendance, and Exam Results to Photos, Reports and Timetables.

    Through the gateway we endeavour to share more timely information to you and your child(ren) so that you can be more engaged in the full life of the school taking advantage of more efficient communications and a closer view on the progress of your child(ren).

    Do not worry if you do not have internet access, on request any / all information will be provided in paper format.
    The school will also provide access terminals at all future parent meetings should you wish to use them during your visit.

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    Hi Stuart,

    Drop me a line if you would like some information on rolling out SLG to parents. We have been using it for about 4 years now
    and nearly all our parents have a account. Recent improvements enabling reports to be posted online and the data collection
    sheet to also be completed online make it worth it's money.

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    See my link here, we are also a happy school with SLG: Does SIMS have a web portal?

    Some people like it and others don't - its all about opinions. I think i've got a what is SLG doc, if I can dig it out, i'll upload it here.

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