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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS server in Technical; Originally Posted by Sheridan Good advice - thanks to all! Virtualising would be the ideal, but the budget will restrict ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheridan View Post
    Good advice - thanks to all!

    Virtualising would be the ideal, but the budget will restrict that as we simply don't have the infrastrucuture in place to add VMs - and to start with SIMS would be too expensive. In 3 years time when its due for renewal then it might be a different matter! We still have the single server model which works fine but does take a decent initial investment to move over to VM's

    I'd be running Server 2008 R2, with SQL Standard (if I can stretch to that!) and a min. of 8GB of RAM, but 16GB if I can get it. Hardware is cheap but when you have to add in backup devices and software, licenses etc then it gets expensive!
    You can VM on a single server model. You don't necessarily need to invest in blades, and SANS. You could use Hyper-V, i'm sure for free and only have one VM, though i'm sure it was free for up to four. Put this on your intended single server and max the spec you give the VM. You'll get the advantages of virtualising without too much extra cost. You can phase full scale virtualisation in over time. Of course, you don't get exceptional features, like host migration, and resource pooling, but just the snapshot feature is useful. If you find it works well and want to then add a second VM, perhaps a test one, that has lower spec' and isn't always on, then you also get a great way to test updates as well as your backups.

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    Actually setting up the server on a single VM (probably exsi) would be a good idea, like vikpaw says for using the snapshot facility.

    It would also make it easier to move the server to new hardware in the future, rather than reinstalling everything.

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