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MIS Systems Thread, Change name of server in Technical; I am looking to change the name and IP of our Serco server. I need to change the ip that ...
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    Change name of server

    I am looking to change the name and IP of our Serco server.
    I need to change the ip that points to the database.
    Can anyone tell me how this is done?

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    @john ??

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    If you're changing the name and IP you'll need to reconnect ePortal and the client machines which use Facility. Support can help you through that, or there is a document which tells you how to connect to the DB, which you can download from the support site.
    Please bear in mind when you change it, the clients wont work, nor will eportal until, until they are reconnected.
    The other option you have which is a little messier but less work, is if the clients are connected by name and not IP, you can create DNS entries for the old name to point at the new IP so that you don't have to change the connection.

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