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    I know I have a downer on Sims as it is.. poor design.. 1980s updating.. inTounch obsession but Profiles is without doubt the most frustrating piece of **** I have ever used. I have spent all day gettign a template ready.. looks good and even with the minor changes I kept checking and double checking it worked. Unfortunately we missed a subject off so we created a new comment bank and attached the template to it... WHOOOSH... doesn't work at all now, even if I remove the tags where it looks liek its stopping. I wouldn't mind but thats it... kaput... you can't replace the template with a old ones. ARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH.

    £1500 for something which I appreciate will save us time in the long run but god.. its so clunky.

    Sorry for the rant... all day I have wasted on this.

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    Yep, I agree when it works fine its a great product. But it is infuriating when it stops working and for the life of you, you can't work out why!

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