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MIS Systems Thread, Permissions for SIMS working in Technical; We are currently borrowing a teacher from another school - she is an expert on SIMS and helping us set ...
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    Permissions for SIMS working

    We are currently borrowing a teacher from another school - she is an expert on SIMS and helping us set up Registers etc. What would be the recommended permissions on the Staff log on I set up for her - the request is currently for Domain Admin!

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    I assume you mean permissions within SIMS, Domain Admin is a Windows type role (do not give them domain admin rights, usually this is reserved for the absolute top dog in IT to do anything and everything!)

    School Administrator would probably suit?

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    If you mean computer logon to PC, give her the same permissions to log on to the PC that a staff member gets by cloning then remove access to any shared drives she doesn't need. Just access to the S drive should be sufficient and the usual local PC rights.
    Definitely not Domain Admin! If she needs extra rights, grant them as you go along in association with the IT department so everyone knows what's going on and you can learn along the way.
    If it's SIMS permissions, then she will probably need the manager rights to various areas, but not system manager. e.g. she'll want attendance manager, assessment manager, and also maybe school administrator, but not necessarily.

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