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    Registration on different on a single day

    We have a new school week this year. M,Tu,Th,Fri there is an AM reg which is marked by form tutors. On Wednesday there is no AM reg and we go straight in to Period 1
    Is there a way of making Lesson Monitor/Attendance take the P1 mark on Wednesday and populate the AM reg but just on that day. I know I can do it for all days as our P4 populates our PM reg but canít see a way of making a single day different.

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    Would assume you would have to add in dummy lessons for reg in your timetable... but don't hold me to it!

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    Couldn't you use the earliest marks routine to update session reg for selected students.

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    We have a number of schools who have similar arrangements, this is what we would normally recommend:
    The best way to deal with this would be to change your reg organisation to AM lessons, you would then timetable the reg periods as actual lessons on the Mon, Tue, Thu, & Fri. Reg would now in essence be period 1. For the Wednesday session mapping would point to period 2 and you would set P1 on a Wednesday as a dummy period.

    Earliest marks would apply to every day unless you switched on and off prior to the start/end of the day, consequently not recommended (this is aimed at post 16 use only).

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