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MIS Systems Thread, Teachers roll book vs. marksheet in Technical; I have been asked 'how soon' teachers can use SIMS as their "roll book" i.e. attendance register but also comments ...
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    Unhappy Teachers roll book vs. marksheet

    I have been asked 'how soon' teachers can use SIMS as their "roll book" i.e. attendance register but also comments on HW, equipment etc BUT not visible to other staff (and yes, I know that somewhat misses the entire point of SIMS...)

    It strikes me that lesson monitor could be used easily but this allows "others" to see the data so I wondered about a "generic" marksheet that will not be used for reporting (and I know that the data will still technically be accessible to others - but relatively behind the scense). Something like gradeset for HW, uniform, equipment and a couple of comment fields?

    Am I reinventing the wheel??

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    No, there is no easy markbook function in SIMS. Making a 'special' marksheet template for form tutors to use for trips, trip money, kit checks etc. has often been recommended as a solution, and you could in theory do it for all staff.
    The problem you'll quickly run into is how much they want to write, and keeping it over time. If they effectively want a record per lesson, like a normal markbook this will quickly become a lot of columns in the marksheet.
    You should experiment.
    If you don't put a result on an aspect it will keep historical data against the result date and always show the last result, which may or may not be useful. It depends on how you want to retrieve it later.

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