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MIS Systems Thread, Subject "carousel" - nearly! in Technical; We have a setup where certain classes attend alternative lessons for 3 week blocks e.g. instead of Maths, go to ...
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    Question Subject "carousel" - nearly!

    We have a setup where certain classes attend alternative lessons for 3 week blocks e.g. instead of Maths, go to Film Studies for 3 weeks "in your Maths" lessons. There are eight of these alternative modules running throughout the year on a rotating basis. They do not currently feature in SIMS / NovaT6 but we are interested in the possibilities...

    Our support company suggested 'alternative curriculum' but surely this involves allocating students on an indivdual period by period basis? This would be enormous effort on an ongoing basis.

    I am tempted by the rotate timetabled staff / room option - I think we could add the additional alternative modules in the relevant blocks in Nova T6, effectively populate with no students and then set up a year's worth of rotations in advance (or at least a term). I am not sure what would happen to marksheets, attendance etc. I would like to think that the 3 week turnaround is not an issue in itself but wonder if there are cleverer ways to address this.... I know it is possible but wonder about the relative effort - views, suggestions and any comparable experience much appreciated!

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    rotations is good. or if they are all in the same block, you could manually, just tick each class over to film for the relevant time frame, then back again.
    marksheets will be created for anything that you put into nova and send across.
    what would happen is that the math marksheet would not be populated for the date when they are in film. but you could use the membership / reference data to pull them in.
    there is a slight twist when it comes to reports and you might need to manually put in the film teacher's name. easiest to put into a column and bulk fill.

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    if you create all the classes you need for each group in the block

    Nova-T6 Curriculum Model_2012-09-04_17-09-56.jpg
    you could simply have an over sized block and schedule the sessions required as needed. this assumes that all kids in each group are doing the same thing.
    Nova-T6 Block_2012-09-04_17-12-21.jpg
    with this approach it really quick to reschedule, all amrksheets will exist for correct staff and no further curriculum assignments will be required

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