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MIS Systems Thread, SLG Issue in Technical; Hi All, Anyone know much about SLG ? I can logon but cant access any info. I have attached a ...
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    SLG Issue

    Hi All,

    Anyone know much about SLG ? I can logon but cant access any info. I have attached a screen shot but if its not viewable i am given "sorry the requested information is not available"

    I have been onto our server and all the services are running. Looks like it could be a routing issue?

    Thanks in advance
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    Once thing to check is that if your SLG setup is hosted by Capita is that the OpenVPN client has a connection to capita's servers.

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    Have you ensured your App-pools are running and restarted?

    Assuming your self hosted try this for error checking and post the result
    On the SharePoint machine go to

    C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80\resou rces

    Right click on the SLG.ExceptionHandling.config file and select Open With | Notepad

    edit the line that reads

    <!--<exceptionDetailViewer userName="User.Name" />-->

    so that it looks like this

    <exceptionDetailViewer userName="slg\testslg" />

    Where slg\testslg is the domain\username that you were using when the error occurred

    Save the changes to this file and then re-load the webpart on which the error occurred

    You should now see the FULL error message
    Also sorry to ask the obvious but the user your accessing with does have SIMS permissions yeah?

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