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MIS Systems Thread, Solus 3 install in Technical; Hi, I'm have managed to roll out the Solus 3 agent to the network. Does solus 3 install the sims.net ...
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    Solus 3 install


    I'm have managed to roll out the Solus 3 agent to the network.

    Does solus 3 install the sims.net workstation to the desktops? or do i need to install it via another method?

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    I have just done the same, if you go into the Solus 3 application on the server you can deploy your clients from there. Now I don't have access to my server at this moment, but I take it you have set up the channels for Sims, Sims Discover and FMS if so you can select your clients by clicking the add workstation (i think thats what it was called) on the channel you want i.e. sims and then you are able to browse you active directory OUs and select the clients you require. Now I think that the client has to be on for this to work (I might be wrong someone else confirm)

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    Yes, solus3 will install Sims. You need to have he connect.ini setup in S3 and you need to have deployed a Sims release.

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