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Mac Thread, Are Apple reasonable? (regarding registration of Applecare) in Technical; I'm sure that question will be met with a hearty laugh by most We bought 18 mac minis last summer, ...
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    Are Apple reasonable? (regarding registration of Applecare)

    I'm sure that question will be met with a hearty laugh by most

    We bought 18 mac minis last summer, together with Applecare agreements. I didn't realise that you had to register each one, until today, by some miracle 364 days after we ordered them.

    So I thought I would be ok to register them, but they require proof of purchase. And school breaks up tomorrow. And I can't see the bursar finding time to dig out some old invoices before then. And I'm going away on Thursday for a week.

    What are the chances of Apple accepting a late registration of them next week if I can show they were all purchased together JUST over a year ago?

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    As long as you can provide proof of purchase that the Apple cares were purchased within 1 year of the machines that were supposed to be registered with them, I think they will accept it.

    Call Apple care and ask them. If they will allow it then you could ask for the case number and have a reference for when you get back.

    I ran into this issue before and IIRC it was out of warranty.

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    Did you purchase directly from Apple or an ASE / AASP? If the latter then those resellers can often dig out the required docs quickly for you. Had to do that myself a few times.

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    One of the reasons we find purchasing from Misco such a complete service is this very aspect. I have been in similar situations and just contacting my account Michael Hinchliffie sees proof of purchase as a PDF in my inbox within no time. In fact I have recently been going through a similar hoop with HP over extended warranties. I'm sure other suppliers no doubt are also up to this but to me this is after service from Misco that would be hard to match.

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