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Mac Thread, MAC and music in Technical; Hi there I want to investigate getting some MACS for our music dept, with the industry standard (?) LOGIC 7. ...
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    MAC and music

    Hi there

    I want to investigate getting some MACS for our music dept, with the industry standard (?) LOGIC 7. Just wanted to know if anyone has any experience of doing something similar.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: MAC and music

    Got the Macs but not LOGIC. We use Garageband (KS3), Sibelius and Cubase SX (KS4 & KS5).

    There's a lot of quirks but the things generally work fine.

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    Re: MAC and music

    We are using logic pro here but what you really need is someone in who has already used it or get training. But if you have not used it before garageband will be great.


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    Re: MAC and music

    We have Cubase 3 SE and Sibelius, with usb midi keyboards on shuttle pc's in our music suite.

    The recording studio has a project mix i/o and shuttle pc running Cubase 4.


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    Re: MAC and music

    Logic Pro is fabulous, but almost certainly surplus to requirements IMHO. We use Garageband, Cubase SE/SX and Sibelius for serious score production. In our music lab We've set up iMacs with USB midi keyboards, USB Mics (Samson C01U), and have the machines wired to the network, but using their wireless capability to access an Airport Express base station to allow students to stream their creations to the rooms sound system. Works a treat.

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    Re: MAC and music

    Cubase will be a learning curve, never mind logic. Like said Logic really will be overkill.

    Personal opinion is if your not going to be using garage band then get pcs and spend the massive amounts of money you will save on software and training, as the staff really will need training to use the likes of cubase, and you will need to buy VST(i)s to use cubase - yes obviously cubase has some basic vstis but it completely defeats the point of having VST capible software if you dont buy additional vsts.

    Ever looked into Reason or fruitly loops? I prefer using them to cubase as they are much easier and quicker to setup and use - ie mapping midi controls to synths etc are one click operations rather than changing midi ccs on the keyboard which is a chore for someone who knows what they are doing nevermind a pupil who just wants to get on with their work.

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