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Mac Thread, Mapped Work Areas missing after Update (apple macs) in Technical; Got a strange one here, I'm hoping someone might be able to help, can't get anything out of Apple We ...
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    Mapped Work Areas missing after Update (apple macs)

    Got a strange one here, I'm hoping someone might be able to help, can't get anything out of Apple

    We have about 60 Intel iMacs, in various forms, connected to our Active Directory Network.

    All users log in to the domain using their Active Directory accounts, are have their work areas mapped at log in.

    This has worked without fault for 2 years.

    When we installed "Mac OS X Update Combined 10.6.7" on a few of the iMacs. After applying this update the users no longer get the mapped drive to their work area.

    It is definitely something that has happened after this update, as if a user logs onto an iMac that hasn't been updated, they get their works areas as normal?

    Any advice would be appreciated, I'm starting to pull my hair out.

    We have also tried the very latest update, and it still does the same thing, but it seems at the point of 10.6.7 it happens

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    Definitely a strange one. What version were you on before 10.6.7? What is the suffix in your domain name?

    Before the update was it creating a local home folder and then mapping the AD home on the desktop as a mounted volume?
    Presume you are using the built in AD plugin? If so could you take a screen shot of the advanced options section of AD in Directory Utility, check that use UNC Path... is checked, and force local home is ticked if you want a local home, or unticked if you want it to use the AD Home as the home folder on login.

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