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    Quick price evaluation

    No need for Mac v Windows discussion. £600 for a 1 year old Mac air, 64Gb HD, 2Gb RAM. Sound worth it? My first thought is no but I always forget how well they hold their value.

    Also any issues with Air as a first Mac? I know there is no Optical but beyond that?

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    All I would say is that if it is the original Mk1 one watch the heat from it - I heard bad reviews. However, if it is only a year old then they are actually very nice machines and sounds like a good price to me!


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    upgrade of the SSD drives in them may be awkward as well as pricey. It isn't a simple SSD drive in the macbook airs so if capacity could become an issue then you may want to price up the hardware beforehand

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    I bought the macbook air brand new a year or two ago and love it - finding I now use it more than my iMac now. If you are looking at paying £600 for it, you may be better going down a finance option with apple - you'll obvious end up spending more but you will be able to spread the costs and it will give you a far superior spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechMonkey View Post
    2GB RAM
    Personally I wouldn't get a MacBook Air with anything less than 4GB RAM especially since you can't upgrade it. Lion is much better with 4GB than 2GB. I do have a lot of apps open however.

    Upgrading the SSD is actually quite simple once you have a pentalobe screwdriver (£2.89 from eBay). The cheapest third-party SSD you can buy for the Air seems to be the 180GB OWC Mercury Aura Pro Express SSD (~£202.91*).

    * The 120GB model is only £7.85 cheaper (£195.06) so I am not counting that.

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