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Mac Thread, Suitable TFT for a MacBook in Technical; My boss has a MacBook and uses Paralells to run XP. He has been brought a 20" TFT (a Philips ...
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    Suitable TFT for a MacBook

    My boss has a MacBook and uses Paralells to run XP. He has been brought a 20" TFT (a Philips 200XW), but it will not allow him to use the maximum resolution of 1680x1050, and as such the display is fuzzy.
    Does anyone use a TFT with a MacBook or know what one would be suitable?

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    Re: Suitable TFT for a MacBook

    i have a similar set up to the one in question, but i just dont have the fancy screen and im just using Vista on it....

    The only difference is that rather then paralells i am using VMWARE Fusion and am having no problems with it... might be worth a try

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    Re: Suitable TFT for a MacBook

    I am using a acer 19 inc monitor. Seems to be doing the trick for my macbook pro. Its great to have multi screen with two operating systems running on it.


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