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Mac Thread, Only show managed printers WGM in Technical; I'm using a mac mini server on 10.6 to manage 10.6 clients and I am unable to apply the policy ...
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    Only show managed printers WGM

    I'm using a mac mini server on 10.6 to manage 10.6 clients and I am unable to apply the policy to only show managed printers. The students here still have access to around 8 old printers that they shouldn't have access to any more. Also only some of them are getting the policy to not merge with the users dock so some of them are getting the managed dock merged with the local default dock.

    Help is appreciated as always!

    Many thanks,


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    You'll need to reset the printer currently stored on the macs. This is easy to do if you have ARD installed.

    You'll need to use ARD to send the following UNIX command to each of the Mac clients:

    killall "PrinterProxy" "Printer Setup Utility" "cupsd" 2>/dev/null
    sleep 1
    rm -rf /etc/cups/printers.conf* \
    /etc/cups/ppds.dat \
    /etc/cups/ppds/* 2>/dev/null
    Then reboot each client. Each client should then "download" the correct prints from the server..

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