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Mac Thread, Using Sibelius on mac Lion server network in Technical; We have a mac OD network running Snow Leopard server with Lion clients. We are using Sibelius in the music ...
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    Using Sibelius on mac Lion server network

    We have a mac OD network running Snow Leopard server with Lion clients.
    We are using Sibelius in the music mac suite and due to its monstrous size have to get students to log in locally for it to run effectively.

    Has anyone managed to find a way to effectively run Sibelius whilst using the users network log in?
    Currently we have a shortcut to the shared network drive that they log into to save their work. However inevitably there are some who tick the 'remember these credentials' and therefore the next student automatically sees the previous students network drive when they try to access their own. We can manually delete the keychain but this is obviously not a fix.

    I have spent an age researching a decent guide to creating a logout hook/script but all the guides seem to miss out the steps need and assume considerable prior knowledge!

    Can anyone spell out the exact steps that I need to do to get the keychain deleted every time that a user logs off the local iMac please.

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    So at the moment you are logging in the users with a single account on the local machine? Could you use Mobile accounts? This would allow each individual student to log into the macs using either their mac account (if it is a stand-alone Open Directory service) or their AD account if the system is in a Magic Triangle setup.

    Users could then add the shares to their keychain if necessary without fear of any other users having access to their data or causing problems with other users mounting their shares. They should also have the benefit of mounting shares using kerberos authentication. All this with the benefit of running Sibelius locally.

    Now I've never used Sibelius so i don't know how it works. Where does Sibelius store it's data files? Does it store items pin the users home dir, like office 2011, or does it run completely from the local drive. If it is storing items in a folder in the user's home dir, you may be able to re-direct the folder on login to the local drive to speed up the app and reduce bandwidth usage at the same time. You would need to look into how Sibelius works first though.

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    If you want to use AD but use a local home folder do this:

    Join the macs to AD, and when you join them go to directory utility>Services>Active Directory, Click Show advanced options and make sure you have force local home ticked, and use UNC path. Once joined and you then use an AD account from the login window it will create a home folder on the local hard disk of the mac but mount the users home folder (or closest shared folder to the home folder) as a share in the finder. To see it on the desktop you will need to go to finder > Preferences > General and have Connected servers ticked.

    I have seen Sibelius run directly from a network home folder, but i remember older versions use to be problematic, hence the recommendation above.

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