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Mac Thread, AD Folder redirection in Technical; Hello all, For our Mac suites, we are using Centrify to link the Macs to AD and then set GPOs ...
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    AD Folder redirection

    Hello all,

    For our Mac suites, we are using Centrify to link the Macs to AD and then set GPOs for user and computer policies. We are currently having a few problems with redirecting the students home folders to those that are available for Windows logins. Has anyone had this problem with Centrify or Macs at all and if so, are there any settings I need to change or scripts that I need to run to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    i don't have a great deal of experience with centrify, but it might be worth trying the Apple active directory plugin in directory utility. Least if that plugin works you can contact centrify support for a fix knowing it must be a problem with there plugin. If you get problems with the apple AD plugin then there must be a issue with how you have the home folders set on the AD server.

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