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    Additional Server for Home Folders

    I'm probably just missing something stupid... but here goes:

    I've got a server running 10.7.3 (OD1) which is currently the Open Directory Master and has all the home folders stored on it.
    We've now got to the stage where we need more space for the user home folders.
    I have created a new server (FS1) and installed 10.7.3. It's been setup as an OD replica using Server Admin.
    I created a new folder on FS1 (MobileHome) and set it as ”home directory” within server.app
    When I open WGM the new home folder (MobileHome) isn't listed. I tried manually adding the home direct to a test account in WGM but when I try to login as the test user the home folder can't be accessed.

    Am a missing something really obvious?

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    do you have the afp/nfs/smb home folder location ticked in sharing?

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