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Mac Thread, Aqua Connect in Technical; Hi, Has anyone heard of these people Mac Terminal Server - OS X Terminal Services ? We've got a few ...
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    Aqua Connect


    Has anyone heard of these people Mac Terminal Server - OS X Terminal Services ?

    We've got a few macs in school, but mostly windows, and the ICT teachers want to have more macs in the ICT suites, except there's no spare networking/power/desk/money, to get them an extra 10 mac desktops in the same room as 30 windows desktops.

    From what I can tell these people allow people to connect via RDP to the Macserver. Licensing gets a little fuzzy though.
    I've fired off emails to them and a couple of UK suppliers I use, but I don't think either of the companies I contacted have seen this before.

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    Bit of a late reply, but hope it might help anyway. I have set this up once before as a demo for a university a few years ago. They wanted to test it before considering whether they would deploy it in every room. I'm not sure that they went ahead with it in the end.

    My opinion of it was that it gives the end user a poor experience of using a mac. Also, there is not an xserve anymore so instead you will have to run it on a mac pro that will take up a lot of space in your server room. Also time you buy this and a powerful mac pro, and have a fast enough network to cope with it all then it would be a similar cost to replacing some of your PCs with Macs and make then dual boot both Mac OS and Windows.

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