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Not sure if this still works. To install the Bootcamp drivers using the msi in Windows server 2003 you could open the msi file in orca and change the setting which tells the msi to only run on a valid OS. It may be able to do the same for the win 7 only msi. But the drivers would need to be XP compatible.

I will see if I can find the URL.

edit: Can't find the guide I used but you just remove the WinXP requirement.

Windows Server 2003 - Bootcamp & Parallels Problems... [Archive] - MacRumors Forums
Would of been a great quick fix, but the new drivers are windows 7 only, but i do link to windows xp compatible ones, maybe a quicker one of doing it then mine, edit the msi to boot, and then download the pack of xp drivers in that guide.

One thing i learnt from this experience, move to windows 7 before buying any more hardware!!