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Mac Thread, iCloud - Two Users in Technical; evening, Can someone help me with iCloud? We need one storage area but to be controlled by two different accounts. ...
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    iCloud - Two Users


    Can someone help me with iCloud? We need one storage area but to be controlled by two different accounts. Am I right in thinking this cannot be done?

    We want to store photos so am I better getting a new iCloud account and both my wife and I using that one address instead of us having to use our seperate iTunes accounts?

    SeemsApple have not made this easy. Unless I've missed something.


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    Can't you get the family account which gives you more storage and you can assign multiple email addresses etc , not sure with regards to uploading photos to the same area, but it will still upload them to the same account ( same storage afaik ) but never had a family account myself.

    At least it was or used to be called a family account when it was mobileme before it went to iCloud

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