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Mac Thread, Carbon Copy Cloner now has extra Lion features in Technical; The new version is out and has these (amongst other) new features to backup and help with Lion installations: New ...
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    Carbon Copy Cloner now has extra Lion features

    The new version is out and has these (amongst other) new features to backup and help with Lion installations:

    New feature: CCC now provides support for archiving and cloning the Lion Recovery HD partition. Choose "Disk Center" from CCC's Window menu to find this functionality.
    New feature: Scheduled tasks can now be configured to wake or boot the system when the task is scheduled to run.
    New feature: For users with a Lion Installer application in /Applications, CCC's Source menu now includes a handy "Create a Lion Installer..." choice that will clone the Lion Installation disk image onto a physical volume.
    If you have a Mac and don't yet have CCC you can get it from here: Carbon Copy Cloner - Home

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    Quote Originally Posted by subastein View Post
    Block level or File level

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    CCC has the ability to archive old data, allowing you to keep older versions. It even has a cleanup option allowing you to keep say a month of backups. I have all data archived and CCC just copies the new stuff and data that has been changed. This gives me a month of backups and also the recent/current data.

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