Hi all.

We've had an Apple network for some time now, and due to various problems this is now our setup:
- Users authenticate with AD
- OD Running on Mini 10.6 Server
- Forced local home directories on clients
- MCX redirected home folders to a separate Mini Lion server (bound to AD and OD) with Thunderbolt Promise R4 (Clients mount a 'UserData' share on boot up using auto_master with AFP as 'Admin', then users are redirected to this for 'Pictures' 'Video' 'Music' and 'Desktop'

Logic has been performing quite well on the RAID device, however recently we've had lot's of issues with permissions. I think some of the problems are down to the mismatch between the two OS X Server versions, I know 10.7.3 is meant to resolve a few issues with AD binding, I'll be trying this over half term.

Would it be better to run 10.6 on the RAID server instead? Seeing as OD is running on 10.6?