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Mac Thread, Magic Triangle User Area in Technical; Brand new to mac's and mac server so bear with me. Just got a new Mac Mini Server running Lion ...
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    Magic Triangle User Area

    Brand new to mac's and mac server so bear with me.

    Just got a new Mac Mini Server running Lion along with some new iMacs also running Lion. I have followed some guides to get a magic triangle setup so our students can use their AD usernames and passwords to logon to the iMacs, however I would like to set it up so the students do not get their normal home directory defined by AD, I would like all work they do on the iMacs to be stored onto the Mac Mini server. Is it possible to set this up?

    Also I would like to setup a shared folder on the Mac Mini server so all users that logon to the iMac's have access to as a network location to dump temporary files into that they can share between each other.

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    There's a few guides on the mac forum to help you through the set up of shares on the mac server. What you want to accomplish with the home dirs however, requires the use of Augmented Records. I haven't used augmented records for ages, and never got mine to work anyway (I was trying to use IM handle augmented records though for iChat). There is a video tutorial I think on how to use these on Apple's Education site.

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