Afternoon all

Bit of a puzzler for you, that hopefully somebody might have solved.

The school I'm in at the moment uses a NED Setup with an auto proxy script (it's under the CLEO coverage so it's a NED Box with Active Directory integration set up on it).

Now, this works absolutely fine for every single internet connection I could wish for, apart from iTunes. Unless I set the computer to point directly at the proxy instead of going via our NED (which we use for stopping the darlings getting on sites that are opened for staff - namely YouTube), then it comes up and asks for a username and password combination.

Now, it doesn't matter what combination of username & password, domain\username & password, FQDN\username & password, etc, that I use, it just comes back up and won't let me on.

So, does anyone know a fix for this. It's really annoying as they're wanting to roll an iPad trolley into circulation (which is ok as I can administrate this from a techy machine and point it direct to proxy) but a few of the iPads they're wanting the staff to have control over in the classrooms (communication needs etc) so to update anything on them, I need to be on the staff computer on the particular logon and open up proxy direct settings before they can do anything and then I have to put things back, and it's annoying me .. lol ..

Thanks all