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Mac Thread, Lion 10.7.2 and Active Directory in Technical; Can anyone confirm if they have Lion 10.7.2 joined to their domain and everything is working okay? We have just ...
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    Lion 10.7.2 and Active Directory

    Can anyone confirm if they have Lion 10.7.2 joined to their domain and everything is working okay?

    We have just got some new MBP's and they bind to the domain but you can not login. After reading through some forums there are lots of people with the same issue but everyone has gone quiet for a few weeks now.

    Any advice or tips will be welcome.

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    I was on a mac training course last week and the guy said don't bother upgrading to lion or even trying till 10.7.3 is released. Sorry its not better news.

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    downgrade to 10.6. Our support company said this was ok. I installed a retail version cd to a virtual box pc on my mac, updated it, and then cloned it using carbon copy cloner. Most retail cds won't install on new hardware as it doesnt have drivers or something for it. I spent an age trying to get 10.7.1 to work, but failed. If apple don't like it, they should release software that works.

    I tried Likewise Open - Active Directory Software Integration - Active Directory Management, but there was something else that still didn't work. I think it was mcx with our old 10.4 server.

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    Do you use a .local domain? If so Apple screwed that up even before Lion (of course they made it worse in Lion!) came out and I wouldn't expect them to fix it in 10.7.3 either.

    The primary problem is that .local domains are used for bonjour services exclusively (the primary change in Lion) and OSX tries to resolve all .local domains with multicast first. It will try that many times with 5 second timeouts before resorting to standard DNS.

    You can get around it but it does have it draw backs, here is a workaround guide Centrify (AD Osx plugin) made.


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    We have four Minis running Lion 10.7.2 here on AD, been fine. Much improved from 10.7.0! We don't have the ability to control per machine MCX settings as our server is on Snow Leopard, but happy otherwise.

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