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Mac Thread, OSX Lion Mobile Account Homesync in Technical; Hi, I have recently bought a new Macbook Pro running OSX 10.7.2 Lion I have joined the macbook to the ...
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    OSX Lion Mobile Account Homesync


    I have recently bought a new Macbook Pro running OSX 10.7.2 Lion

    I have joined the macbook to the domain (Server 2003) with no apparent issues.

    My account is set up as a mobile account, so that I can login to the macbook away from the network.

    I am unable to set any mobile account settings (greyed out) and when i try to sync with my network home folder, i get the following error.

    'The Sync could not complete because your network home at "(null)" does not allow writing.'

    I also have a Mac Pro (also running lion, upgraded from 10.6.8) with which the home sync works fine for the same user account, so I am sure that my Windows server permissions are correct.

    I would like my network home folder to sync with my local home folder on both machines as I would expect it should be able to.

    Does anybody have any idea why I am getting the above error? Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Hi, I had the same issue on a 2008 domain. I found that the cause of the problem seemed to be a combination of having "Force local home directory on startup disk" turned on in the Directory Utility and using hidden shares for home directories. After turning the local home directory option off and changing the UNC path in AD to a non hidden share it worked fine.

    Hope that helps.


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