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Mac Thread, Creating an osx network storage drive in Technical; Hi all, What I have been asked to do is to create a network drive for garageband/audacity projects. I'm fairly ...
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    Creating an osx network storage drive

    Hi all,

    What I have been asked to do is to create a network drive for garageband/audacity projects. I'm fairly sure this is possible, but just wanted to ask a few things before I give this a go. How would I first go about setting this up? As in file restrictions/size limits. I'm also thinking of only giving students write access, to stop them browsing and potentially stealing another users' piece of work (seeing as these projects will be marked and assessed), so ideally they would just dump their projects in there and be done with it. Obviously this is a permissions issue but wouldn't know where to set this as of yet. I also assume that once I have set up the 'storage space' and created it as a drive i can then roll this out to our student & staff group in WGM. Now for my main concern, backing it all up. I've read that time machine is probably the best solution for this but i'm just a bit skeptical as to where time machine actually stores it's files. I'm worried that if they're stored as images to restore to on the mac server that if anything were to happen to the server (god forbid!) those images may also be affected. So how does time machine back up data and can it be exported to an external HDD if needs be?

    I think that's pretty much it for now. Again, this is only in the stages of being asked to come up with something for this, but would love to get this up and running. We're using 10.6.8 and also snow leopard server.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Setting up the share is fairly straight forward. Setting up the permissions to allow only write access is also relatively easy. Not sure about the quota part though. I've never set up quotas for shares.

    There's another thread somewhere in this forum that talks about creating the shares. It is slightly different in Lion but I posted instructions to create drop boxes (what Apple call write only folders) in the thread for 10.6.8 as thats what I use.

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