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Mac Thread, Lion Server Manuals in Technical; I was wondering if anyone has any Lion Server manuals (in pdf preferably) that they can send me as I ...
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    Post Lion Server Manuals

    I was wondering if anyone has any Lion Server manuals (in pdf preferably) that they can send me as I need to read up on it to see if it is suitable for a client of ours. I have looked on the Apple site and could find them for Snow Leopard but not Lion.

    Thanks in advance


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    There has been very little from Apple regarding this since its release. What little there is is here:




    You could sign up for an approved Training Course but these can be expensive. As far as I know there are none for Lion as of yet apart from what's available on the ASTO (Apple Sales Training Online) Portal.

    Historically the manuals are of little specific use as most are extremely generalised and some just plain wrong. However and only if you're prepared to wade through thousands of pages, there is enough there to to get you going.

    Basically you're on your own as a lot of the skill set you're going to need you should be bringing to the table yourself. An appreciation and some working knowledge of the Command Line is a must. Some Scripting would not go amiss - Bash, AppleScript, Perl, Ruby etc. An understanding of basic networking concepts such as TCP/IP CIDR, Routing etc and most important of all DNS. It cannot be stressed enough how important DNS is to the general well-being and robustness of OS X Server. And that's before you consider anything else. One final important tip - avoid the use of .local. If you can and FWIW, use split-DNS as ultimately it's easier in the long run.


    Antonio Rocco (ACSA)

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