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Mac Thread, Mac keyboard+water+? in Technical; I don't know where else to post this, so here goes. We had a slight roof leak recently and some ...
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    Mac keyboard+water+?

    I don't know where else to post this, so here goes.
    We had a slight roof leak recently and some of the water splashed into a couple of Mac keyboards. I wasn't around to see how bad the damage was, and the teacher in charge dried them out with some towels and then put them in an airing cupboard for a few days. Despite his tender loving care they appear not to work anymore. If I plug the keyboards into an iMac, and plug a mouse into the keyboard, the mouse works. The Caps Lock light flickers momentarily as the machine boots up (Windows 7, no Mac OS yet). Is there a safe way of taking them apart, or anything more we should do to bring them back to life?

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    Hiya, your school does seem to have its fair share of leaks

    I cant see why you cant pull them apart, at the end of the day they are like a normal keyboard. Standard USB keyboards will work on your iMacs if they do break.


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    Put them in the dishwasher. It is probably conductive contaminants on the keyboard circutpath from the first lot of water messing with it. No soap. Give them a couple of weeks to dry out in a hot water cupboard/sealed continer with desicant in it to make sure that they are really dry and give them another go. They are already toast so nothing to loose and they will come out nice and clean.

    As above, other keyboards work too.

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    if there is any chance of revival putting them in the dishwasher isn't a good idea. Even if you did, the parts of the circuit traces that are affected(prematurely shorting) would not be expose enough to flush the area and the water would be too hot.

    I clean my own keyboards by hand, I clean all the plastics with soapy water and if need be I'll go over the circuit traces, control board as well.

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