We have a magic triangle setup currently, OSX Leopard desktops (a few snow leopard), OSX Snow Leopard Server, and Server2008R2 AD. User accounts are held in AD, home areas mapped as their home folders for OSX.

This was all working very nicely, however it appears Illustrator CS4 has never worked correctly for us in this setup (and its now needed), I am no expert in this application and am really only just getting to grips with the innards of OSX outside of making things work nicely.

From observation, when the network user is using Illustrator CS4 their library resides in their home folder that resides on the network drive. The users are unable to "place" jpg and bmp files into their Illustrator documents, pdf files can be placed without issue. Now if I use the flag "force local home" in the directory tool, users can place any files they want and it works as expected, but their home folders no longer map to the network drives.

As a fix, Im set all of the macs to make local home areas, and done a little how-to to ensure staff and students save to the correct folders.

Anyone else know of this issue, or even how to fix it so it works on a network home location? (only Illustrator has shown any issue)

Many thanks in advance