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Mac Thread, Can I downgrade a Macbook 7.1 to Snow Leopard? in Technical; Originally Posted by j17sparky Can anyone tell me how you use an install DVD from one model on another model? ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by j17sparky View Post
    Can anyone tell me how you use an install DVD from one model on another model? I've tried macmini, imac, and a different model macbook pro on my macbook pro and all of them said "please use the install media which came with your mac"
    Quote Originally Posted by stevenwba View Post
    i didn't think you could?
    No, you can't. The discs that are (were) supplied with new macs are machine type specific. I.E., An iMac9,1 disc won't boot an iMac10,1. Same as a MacBook Pro disc won't work in a Mac Mini of any description.

    Only retail discs can start multiple types of machine. Even then, the disc needs to be of suitably high version number for the machine in question -Macs are specific to which version they'll boot from too, as well as the 'big cat' identifier.
    So our iMac12,1's won't start from our 10.6.3 retail disc, as they shipped with 10.6.6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_Cook View Post
    I've seen similar guides to those, but they all assume that you upgraded to Lion from the App Store.
    Ah! In that case, all you have to do is this...

    Source: www.afp548.com/article.php?story=getting-lion-installers

    • Boot the hardware you need an image for from the Recovery HD by holding Command-R at power on time.
    • Plug in a Journaled HFS+ formatted external disk.
    • Select the Re-install OS X Lion option and target the external disk.
    • Once the Installer finishes downloading, simply shutdown and unplug the disk.

    Now when you mount that external disk you will find a directory named Mac OS X Install Data on the root. Inside of this folder is the elusive, hardware-specific, InstallerESD.dmg image that you can feed to SIU or any other imaging tool of choice. Having this installer will now allow you to build out re-deployment images for all of your hardware until rollup installers are available.

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