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Mac Thread, Networking Single Itunes Account in Technical; Morning all Can someone help me out with a conundrum, I have recently set up a media centre containing 17 ...
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    Networking Single Itunes Account

    Morning all

    Can someone help me out with a conundrum, I have recently set up a media centre containing 17 Macs and bound to active directory, locking down using Workgroup manager.

    Everything is working really well, but I have been asked by the music teacher to create a itunes library on his mac, that he can put work into that all the other macs will see when staff and pupils log in.

    I have search for ways of doing this but can only really find home sharing for a home network.

    What i need is to use something like workgroup manager to point all users to a specific library when they login, rather than there own individual accounts. Does anyone know of a way to do this.

    Also is there a way of preventing the first run screens of office and ilife.

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    Sharing an iTunes library for anything other than playback wont work reliably. Playback works very well see iTunes: Finding and listening to shared libraries

    If you are looking to provide shared multimedia resources then PodCast Publisher in Lion server is very good.

    Tune ranger will allow you to keep several iTunes library in sync but this could produce large amounts of network traffic but may provide the desired functionality to a small number of machines - TuneRanger iTunes to iTunes Sync over a Network - Acertant

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