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Mac Thread, Deploy studio help in Technical; I have setup deploy studio on my Snow Leopard server, created a workflow to capture my Mac Image and Bootcamp ...
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    Deploy studio help

    I have setup deploy studio on my Snow Leopard server, created a workflow to capture my Mac Image and Bootcamp image. I netboot the target mac to "capture" the image and it begins the capture process (as its supposed to) but the imaging process is taking forever, I left it run while I was away for a couple of days and it got to 147 hours and was still imaging!!

    I have now changed network ports to see if that helps but I am on 8+ hours for the day and its still capturing the bootcamp image.

    Any suggestions?


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    First question for me would be is this a deploy studio problem? or a general problem with transferring large files on your network, or a problem with transferring files to/from this particular client and/or server?

    How large is the image
    Are the ports on the switch for both the client and server running at the correct speed? Are they both on the fastest connections possible? Any errors on the switch(es)?
    How do large file transfers between this client and server go normally?
    Did you load the netboot image from the client too? If so how did that go?
    Can you do a "test" capture of a mac OSX client with no bootcamp image?

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