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Mac Thread, USB audio in 10.6 in Technical; I've got some USB headsets that work fine in OS X 10.6, except that OS X doesn't set the headphones ...
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    USB audio in 10.6

    I've got some USB headsets that work fine in OS X 10.6, except that OS X doesn't set the headphones as default audio, so carries on outputting to the internal speaker. Does anyone know of a way of setting the default audio device to USB on OS X. We have an xserve and workgroup manager running. I tried to import the audio plist, but no change. I've got 85 of the things and no desire to send them all back! Thanks.

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    On my Macs with USB audio devices (personal ones so not running an XServe to control anything) I've had to choose the USB device initially to be the one used, but then each time after that when I plug it it, it defaults to being the USB Device over the internal speakers ..

    I'm not sure how you would set them all at once, but might be something that you can go round setting and then see if it picks it up as default when plugged in again at a later date ..

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