Hey Gang,

Been quite a while, ofcourse i again will ask for help.

I have minimal mac deployment experience, that said ...

I have a mac server (10.6.5) netBoot server running with an image i use for netrestore working well. We received a new set of hardware and these imacs/macbooks wont "start" netrestoring. (yes to globe, yes to little spinning globe, no to anything after that and left in with a grey screen and apple logo)

I created a new image updated to the latest update 10.6.7 then hoped that this would be able to be deployed. It is not deploying due to what i believe is a lack of "combo update" that should have been applied to allow other makes of hardware to be imaged if i understood apples website article correctly.

So ive got an DMG of the source computer at about 20GB. If i cant deploy i still need to get this image to about 40 computers, ofcourse asap. My next route was to expand the dmg onto a client via the install dvd disc to open disk utility and "restore image to destination". This takes along time, like, alonng time and is tedious -- not so much the image expansion rather the booting from install dvd to access disk util.

Can anyone give me any tips or tricks how i can get my dmg expanded to clients in the most effectve way. i understand that netrestore would be the best bet but thats not workingn atm. I would potentially like a script to boot into bootable usb and restore dmg onto disk 0 type deal. I do not know/think that is possible however.

Thankns in advance if anyone can assist. If not, edugeek i still love your work.